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12 Important Metrics in Digital Marketing to Track for Pest Control Companies

Digital marketing metrics offer insight into how potential customers interact with your website. Studying metrics can help you to create new campaigns and show customers the type of ads they want to see. 

It’s important to track metrics in digital marketing, and it can be confusing. When you need a skilled digital marketing agency for pest control companies, call our experts at MarketingPests.


1. Examine Where Traffic Originates

Explore all the avenues from which a person might arrive on your website. Take note of where each hit originates. 

Sources that don’t send traffic to your website are either a total waste of money or should be a primary focus on improvement. Traffic sources that bring a lot of traffic to your website are the most effective avenues for your business. 

Social Media

This can be shared links or posts you make with your professional social media accounts. Social media is a vast and rapidly growing industry. Some businesses even hire their own social media teams to foster engagement. 

Search Query

When someone uses keywords related to your business in a search query, you want your website to be the first option. If you know what terms people search for, you can optimize your website to include those terms and bring in more organic traffic.

Search Bar

Someone who types your URL directly into the search bar already has strong brand awareness. They can visit your website without going through a search query.

Word-of-Mouth Referrals

These days, word-of-mouth doesn’t just mean one person talking to another about how much they love your business. You can get a referral from a blog post, including a link to your website, an influencer posting an ad for your business, or another business promoting yours to drive traffic to your site. 

As always, word-of-mouth is among the best ways to gain customers.

2. Conversion Rate 

How many potential customers convert into actual customers? Conversion rate includes the number of clients who followed through with the call-to-action.

It might mean signing up for your services. It could also mean filling out the contact form on your website. Converting a customer also includes getting them to sign up for a newsletter or website freebie. 

3. Are Customers Aware of Your Business?

Brand awareness is one of the most important metrics in digital marketing. Though it can be a headache, social media interaction is a huge part of digital marketing. The more people interact with your social media posts, the more people will see them.

Follower count, number of shares, and number of mentions all contribute to growing your online presence. Social media teams are great at focusing on this aspect of marketing. 

4. Number of Ad Clicks

The number of people who respond to a paid ad by clicking through to your website is called the click-through rate. It is a good way to gain potential customers. 

5. Search Trends

Organic search trends tell you what people are looking for during what time of year. Knowing trend patterns allows you to tailor your website and your business to the current needs of your clients.

6. Retention Rate

Do clients seek out your service and continue over months or years? It costs less to retain customers than to constantly seek out new customers. 

7. Bounce Rate

It’s good to know how long people spend on your website and if they look at more than one page. A high bounce rate could indicate that your potential customers do not find the information they are looking for on your website and move on to the next business. 

8. New and Returning Website Hits

These two metrics measure how many people visit your website for the first time and how many make return visits. An influx of new visitors indicates a successful new ad campaign. Returning visitors means your website has a lot of helpful information that they access time and time again. 

9. Demographics

Determining the demographics of your potential customers can help you develop targeted ads and cater to their overall user experience. 

10. Keyword Searches

Measuring what keyword searches are most popular for your brand niche will help you to develop an SEO strategy to bring more organic search traffic to your landing pages.

11. “Cost Per” Metric

When you run an online ad campaign, you don’t just pay for space like in a newspaper. Businesses pay per click or per interest. Measuring this metric will help you know where to direct your ad spend. 

Per interest means the ad was shown to the potential customer. They saw the ad but did not click on it. There is a small chance they could access your website without clicking on the ad.

Per click means the ad was shown, and they clicked on it to go to your website. Since a sale is more likely when someone clicks an ad and goes to your website, you pay more “per click” than “per interest.”

12. Number of Page Views

This measures how many visitors look at each section of your website. This way, you know which page viewers find the most helpful and which they don’t feel the need to visit at all. You can also learn how much time each person stays on your website before moving on. 

When you know where on your website customers spend the most time, you will know where to list the information they need to see. You will also learn which parts of your website need improvement so your customers will want to spend more time on each page. 

Digital Marketing Management

As you can see, digital marketing is a big part of running a successful business. Studying metrics in digital marketing will help you incentivize new customers to do business with you. It can also help you turn those new customers into loyal customers for years to come. 

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