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Paid Social Campaigns for Pest Control

Get high-value offers to homeowners on the most-used social media platforms.

Can’t seem to get your ads in front of the right demographic? Facebook is one of the internets most powerful sales tools when you know how to dial in the audience and creative presented.

Our team diligently looks at creative from a user perspective, not just throwing some stock images and copy in a graphic. What would catch their eye? What offer can we showcase? What time of day are we more likely to catch the right user? 

These are all questions we ask ourselves when developing the perfect campaign for your business. When you have cute puppies and foodie snapshots to compete against, it’s important your team knows what will make you stand out from the rest.

Horizon Saw A 50% Increase
In ROI From Paid Search
Within 3 Months

The Marketing Pests Approach

Copywriting & Creative Included

We handle it all. We can work with imagery provided by your company or we can source everything soup-to-nuts, with stock images and video footage, custom-crafted ad copy, and enticing headlines designed to get clicks.

Retargeting Pixel Integration

One of the most powerful features the Meta platform offers is the ability to retarget users who came to your website, or interacted with your social media content. Retargteing also works to target those users who have interacted with your videos and profiles.

Custom Audiences

There are a wide-range of options for targeting custom audiences. We can create audiences from contact lists you may have in your database to reach them with highly-targeted, specific ad copy, or we can create lookalike audiences, which are algorithmically created audience that target those users most similar to your actual customers. Both of these strategies create the highest ROI you could find via social advertising.

Landing Page / Funnel Optimization

Sending traffic from Facebook cold-audiences requires a strong hook/offer to be effective. We'll keep a close eye on your landing pages or funnel and offer suggestions for enhancements or edits when we think it will help improve our KPIs.

Routine Split/Testing & Optimization

One of the many benefits of reaching a broad and diverse audience is the data that you receive back. Part of our regular campaign management includes analyzing all of the data-points from your ad account, and optimizing for them going forward. We're constantly "trimming the fat" so to speak, so that we're always working toward delivering your ads to the highest-quality audience poosible.

Monthly Reporting

In addition to the transparency you'll receive from our dashboard and regular check-ins with your account manager, you'll receive a monthly report that includes social media advertising results.

The Benefits Of Social Media Advertising
For Pest Control Companies

Valuable Customer Insights

One of the biggest benefits of social media advertising is its ability to provide you with highly valuable customer insights. Social media platforms have a robust collection of user data – right from demographics and interests to behavioral data. Running an ad campaign further provides you with more accurate insights based on how people interacted with your ads. The most engaged audience groups give you an idea of what your target audience should look like. These are the people who are most receptive to your brand and are most interested in your services.

Increased Brand Loyalty

Social media advertising can be a great demonstration of social proofing, which in turn, can improve brand loyalty and turn one-time visitors into lifelong customers. Sharing customer testimonials or case studies via social media ads to demonstrate customer satisfaction is a great vehicle for this. Using remarketing adverts on social media can further boost brand loyalty by making sure your products remain front-and-centre of your customers’ and website visitors’ minds.

Better Brand Recall

You can tell how impactful a campaign is, not only by the way it drives direct conversions, but by the way it influences people. A memorable ad campaign could have a lasting impact on your audience. So even if they don’t convert right away, your brand would be the first on their mind when they’re in the market for a product that you sell.

Better Together

Leverage extra ROI out of your advertising efforts with these services.

Google & YouTube Ads

When paired with Local SEO, running Google Ads will help you dominate the SERP (search engine rsults page). Because you only pay for your ad when someone clicks, there's no risk of cannibalizing your ad budget.

Reputation Management

In today's environment, online reviews and reputation are king. Our software will help leverage reviews from your customers, and we'll bug them (see what we did there?) until they do.

Local Search Optimization

From local brand-awareness campaigns, to website visitor retargeting, social advertising gives us the opportunity to make your company known to homeowners in your local area, in a very cost-effective way.

Lead-Generating Websites

Well-optimized websites are the key to making leads out of website visitors. Our sites create a frictionless user-experience that highlights the value your company brings to the customer.