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How To Improve Quality Score for Pest Companies

Do you know how to improve quality score metrics for your pest control? It matters if you are even slightly interested in increasing your pest control company’s reach. Wouldn’t you love to see new pest control clients flocking to your site, ready to make you their contractor of choice? 

If you want to grow your company, you must understand the importance of quality online marketing tools, including pay-per-click campaigns. PPC campaigns drive traffic to your company’s website by providing advertising that businesses only pay for when a person clicks the link to navigate to your site. It’s an ingenious marketing arrangement, but it relies on your site maintaining a high-quality score metric on the search engine.


How can you improve this quality score for your pest control company? Below, MarketingPests explains how to optimize your personal PPC campaign for maximum profits and engagement.

Use Keywords to Make Relevant Ads

The Google Ads Quality Score relies on several key factors for a general idea of how your ads perform. In particular, ad quality depends on using keywords that match your specific needs and goals. Irrelevant or frivolous keywords won’t drive the traffic you need to your website.

Instead, you must create a coherent plan to tailor your keywords for the best search engine results. For instance, if you’re trying to improve your ad relevance score, you could draw up theme-based groups for keywords based on your specific products and services. A good example of this would be for termite removal services that would include keywords for “termite removal,” such as:

  • “termite removal near me” 
  • “wood pulp infestation” 
  • “termite damage,” and so on

Often, PPC campaigns lose some impact because of a disconnect between the style, tone, and content of the ad copy and the user’s search terms. If you want to improve your keyword quality, try and match your ad copy with existing or popular user search terms. Anything you can do to ensure your keywords are relevant is worth a try.

For example, every PPC campaign by MarketingPests starts with us taking the time to select high-quality, performance-worthy keywords. Doing the same for your pest control campaign could make a huge difference, regardless of whether or not you work with us.

Improve Your Expected Clickthrough Rate

When considering how to improve quality score consistency, remember that ad quality relies heavily on the clickthrough rate. The expected CTR simply describes how likely it is for search engine users to “click through” to your site via the ad you place. 

This metric is incredibly important for two reasons:

  • It tells you a lot about the expected traffic to your website
  • It helps you budget the amount of money you will likely pay toward each ad

So, PPC campaigns with lower expected CTR scores will not offer much value or drive customers to your service. If you want to improve the score, consider more compelling language in calls to action like “sell,” “buy,” “find,” “try,” and “get a quote.”. Other ways to improve your CTR score include the following:

  • Edge. Promote something that makes your business unique, like free shipping or warranties.
  • Links. Match calls to action with your landing page so that customers can easily contact you.
  • Focus. Tailor your ads to your target audience so that you don’t waste any effort on those who wouldn’t schedule your pest control services.

Optimize Your Landing Page

Few things are as important as a high-quality landing page if you want each potential customer that clicks on your ads to stick around long enough to contact you. Is your landing page as user-friendly and engaging as possible? Is it useful at a glance to someone who wants help from trustworthy pest control professionals in your service area?

If you’re trying to understand how to improve quality score by editing your landing page, the first step is to optimize your site’s bounce rate, site speed, and navigation. 

Letting Customers Bounce Away Wastes Opportunities

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors that leave your website without seriously engaging with your content. You’ll want to keep this metric to a minimum.

Making Things Happen Faster Keeps Customers Online

A faster-loading website draws in potential clients by significantly improving their experience. The higher your website’s quality, the more your client base will explore what your business has to offer.

Easy Connections Make Customers Smile (and Schedule Services)

Does your pest company’s landing page contain updated, easy-to-find links to your services? For instance, if you’re interested in capturing the market for household fumigation services, you’ll want to feature it prominently on your website. Otherwise, clearly direct your clients to the subpage so that they can find what they need in one or two clicks.

Write High-Quality Ad Copy

Have you tailored your site and ad copy to keywords and goals? Is it engaging and informative enough to make your company stand out? Unique, well-written ads are pure gold. 

In particular, you’ll want to avoid robotic, monotonous writing. Prioritize friendly professionalism that customers will naturally love, and you’ll receive a better response.

Review Other Campaigns

When considering your ad’s quality score, why not use Google Ads to assess other people’s PPC campaigns? Use it to review search engine results for specific keywords in your niche. Look at other important ad information to see what does or doesn’t work for your specific products and services.

If you test one of your keywords or phrases only to learn it has an exceptionally low CTR, replace it. Experts like MarketingPests can also help you with the nuances so that you use every keyword, phrase, or new ad group to its highest potential.

Call Professional Pest Control Marketing Services Instead!

Would you like to make more impact in this rapidly expanding market? MarketingPests facilitates professional digital marketing for pest control companies. We specialize in optimizing pest control leads so that nobody is bouncing away from your site without placing a query!

Are you still unsure of how to improve quality score metrics for your local pest company? Contact MarketingPests via our website or call 732-497-8463 today!

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