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7 Powerful Strategies to Attract a Ton of Pest Control Leads

About 80% of marketers worldwide say generating more quality leads is now their top priority. If you’re not generating leads for your pest control business, you’ll never grow! An ineffective pest control marketing strategy could hurt your ROI as well.

Instead, use these seven effective marketing strategies for generating pest control leads. Using these tips can help you get in front of customers. 

You’ll have an easier time getting ahead of the competition, too.

Start marketing with these tips today!

1. Update Your Website

Before using the rest of these tips, take a moment to audit your pest control company’s website. An outdated website will impact your ability to generate pest control customers. In fact, an old website can even hurt your brand’s reputation. 

About 38% of website visitors will stop interacting with your site if it’s poorly designed. Another 38.5% will judge your business after glancing at your site. 

About 50% will choose your competitors if you offer a negative user experience, too.

When updating your website, make sure it’s fast, mobile-optimized, and user-friendly. Follow Google’s Core Web Vitals to improve the user experience. Improving the user experience will encourage visitors to click around and explore.

Audit the forms on your website, too. Make sure they’re easy to complete. Remove any unnecessary fields.

Otherwise, your would-be pest control customers might give up before completing the form, costing you potential leads.

Consider requesting web design and development services from an agency that specializes in helping pest control companies. With their help, you can ensure your site stands apart from competing brands. 

2. Create Helpful Content

Keep your website full of fresh content by updating your content marketing strategy. Fresh content will give clients a reason to return to your site in the future. It can also help you demonstrate your experience and expertise. 

Demonstrating your expertise can help you stand apart from other pest control companies. It can also encourage more people to trust your brand. If people trust your pest control company, they’ll choose your pest control services.

Before creating content, gather keyword research. Determine what terms people use to find pest control companies online.

Consider the questions your clients often ask you, too.

Then, use search engine optimization (SEO) to help your content rank higher on Google. Boosting your organic rankings will help you generate more traffic. Generating more traffic can help you generate quality leads.

Make sure to optimize your Google Business listing as part of your local SEO strategy.

3. Invest in Digital Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) digital advertising will allow you to appear in front of potential clients online. Then, you can direct them to dedicated landing pages on your website.

Use your keyword research to ensure you appear in front of clients as they search for pest control services. You can use platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to create your campaigns. 

4. Create a Referral and Loyalty Program

Consider creating a referral or loyalty program this year.

For example, you can reward clients who bring you referrals by offering a discount on their next service. You can reward loyal customers after every 10 services by offering them a discount on their 11th.

Creating a referral program will help you generate fresh leads, while a loyalty program will boost your ROI with repeat sales. 

5. Educate on Social Media

Share the content you create for your website on social media. Instead of sales-heavy language, focus on educating your audience. Offer them valuable, helpful information they can’t find anywhere else. 

Use social media to improve your customer service, too. Make sure to respond quickly when you receive direct messages or comments. 

6. Nurture With Emails

Lead nurturing emails generate four to 10 more responses than standalone emails alone. However, only 29% of businesses nurture their existing customers beyond the initial purchase. If you’re not nurturing your pest control leads, they might forget about your business!

Nurturing your leads can help boost your ROI through repeat sales. In fact, companies that use lead nurturing effectively generate 50% more sales-ready leads. They cut costs by 33%, too!

Nurtured leads also make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured ones. For example, a pest control client might request additional services for eradicating specific pests. 

If they trust your pest control business, they’ll feel more inclined to choose you over and over again.

You can start nurturing your pest control customers through email marketing.

First, make sure you have a lead magnet on your website. For example, you might create a listicle that lists pests specific to your area. You can create an eBook specific to each pest, too.

You can also turn new website visitors into first-time leads with a coupon or discount on their first service. 

Encourage the client to download the lead magnet in exchange for their email address. Then, segment the emails you generate. For example, you might segment your lists by location, specific pests, or various services.

Segmenting your email lists will allow you to send personalized emails.

Use email marketing automation to save valuable time and energy. A drip email campaign will help you appear in front of the client over time. You can remain at the forefront of their mind to ensure they don’t forget you. 

When designing your emails, make sure to maintain consistent visual branding. End each email with a strong call to action to generate recurring sales. 

7. Hire an Agency

You don’t have to implement these pest control marketing strategies alone. Working with an experienced agency will allow you to benefit from their expertise.

You can save valuable time and money by applying the latest trends and strategies. Meanwhile, you can focus more attention on what matters most: your customers. 

Start Generating More Pest Control Leads Today

Don’t miss the chance to generate more pest control leads this year. Instead, improve your pest control marketing strategy with these tips. Review the data from your analytics to recognize trends over time.

Then, continue updating your campaigns to further improve your ROI. 

Need help implementing these pest control marketing strategies? We’re here for you.

Contact us today to get started. 

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