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How Can You Get More Pest Control Reviews?

Over 60% of people believe that online reviews matter when looking at a new business. Pest control reviews are no exception. When people are seeking pest control management, they want to work with a service they know they can trust. 

However, with all the pest management services available, getting those all-important reviews isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are some proven strategies you and your pest control business can employ to get those positive reviews flowing in. 

Find out more about how to get more pest control reviews below. 

Make Sure It’s Easy For Customers and Clients to Leave Reviews

Many of your customers or clients may already want to leave a review. The problem is, they may not know where or how. Make sure it is easy for them to leave a review on your website.

For example, have a dedicated “leave a review” section on your home page. This makes it easy for your former clients to see and click, so they never miss the opportunity to thank you for a job well done. 

You might already understand the importance of reviews for your pest control business. However, you might not know that making it easy for your clients to leave those reviews is equally important. If a review page can’t be easily accessed, most people tend not to bother with trying to leave one. 

Having social media pages linked to your business is another great way for your clients to easily leave reviews. Social media business profiles usually allow for a review option, which sometimes even includes the chance to leave a star rating. 

Try a Campaign Email to Gain More Reviews

Campaign emails or texts are an excellent way to get more positive reviews for your pest control business. You’ll already have your client’s contact details, so simply send an email after you’ve completed a job asking them for their review.

Within the email (or text), put a link to a review page with questions the client can answer about your business. These questions could include:

  • How effectively was the pest management job completed on a scale of 1-10?
  • Did your pest management service arrive promptly and complete the required job in good time?
  • Would you recommend these services to others?

You can then quantify these results to post on your pest control business page. For example, if 85% of people who used your business (and answered the survey) would recommend it, you can advertise this with pride!

Respond to the Reviews You Already Receive

Responding to the reviews your business has already got is very important. It shows new and old clients alike that you are dedicated to them and want to interact with them. 

Although nobody likes to talk about negative reviews, sometimes they are unavoidable. And, when they do crop up, it is important to respond to them. Do so helpfully and politely, and ask the reviewer how their experience could be improved next time. 

Responding to reviews (regardless of what kind) also shows your clients you care about your business. You want to learn so that you can always improve if you need to. Plus, they’ll see that you’re willing to discuss their needs with them. 

Even if the reviews are short and positive, a friendly “thank you” will go a long way. You’ll prove that every customer is important to you and your business. This is the kind of magic that keeps them coming back!

Try Review Cards Featuring a Unique QR Code

Review cards are a great option for those conducting client meetings face-to-face. At the end of a pest-control job, hand your client your card with a unique QR code on the back. When the client scans this code, they will be directly linked to a review page for your business. 

The link can lead them to a review page like the one mentioned above. Keep your questions short and simple. This is the best way to make sure your client happily answers all of them!

As almost everything is done digitally now, some clients will appreciate receiving a card face-to-face. Plus, having your physical business card in their possession means they won’t soon forget your business.

Make Sure You’re Providing a Service Worthy of a Good Review

Of course, if you want positive reviews for your pest control management business, you need to be providing excellent service. There is a lot of competition for pest services out there, so you’ll have to be the best to get the best reviews. 

First and foremost, your pest management services need to do what they promise; effectively get rid of pests. Ensure the methods your business uses to achieve this are safe but efficient.

It’s also important you and your team conduct themselves professionally from first contact to last. If a new client gets in touch by phone or email, ensure to respond quickly and be prepared to answer all their questions. When you’ve finished the job, make sure your client has your contact details so they can get in touch again.

Of course, being friendly and polite goes a long way in any business. Show up on time and respect your client’s home or place of business while you work.

All this goes a very long way in securing you those positive reviews. When your clients are happy, they will want everyone to know about your business as a way of thanking you!

Pest Control Reviews Matter For Your Business

Pest control reviews are very important for growing and promoting your business. Positive reviews help lock in new clients and show them that your business means business. 

By following the tips above, you can help to generate more reviews for your business. Prospective clients prefer to work with businesses with a lot of reviews, as it shows them that your business has experience. That’s one of the many reasons securing these reviews is so important. 

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