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Understanding the Difference Between Conversion Rate vs Click-Through Rate

When trying to market your business, you’ll discover several terms that are important to growing and expanding. Conversion rates and click-through rates are extremely common for determining how a business can reach more clients and increase revenue. However, some confusion surrounds what these terms actually mean and the differences between them. 

If you’re wondering about what is conversion rate vs. click-through rate, you’re not alone.

As a pest control PPC company, MarketingPests recognizes the importance of making sure people find and contact your company. That’s why we use our pest control and digital marketing experience to specifically work with pest control businesses, helping them grow and improve their marketing efforts.

We’re here to explain how conversion rates and click-through rates differ and the ways to improve your percentages. We also go over the benefits of having good conversion and click-through rates. Learn more about this valuable topic, then contact us for a consultation session.

What Are Conversion Rates?

Conversion rates are often percentages and indicate how many people performed a specific action after visiting your site. This could include booking a service or subscribing to a newsletter.

The way you structure your business’s site, ad copy, and keyword usage can all contribute to your conversion rate, for better or worse. The higher your conversion rate, the more sales you can achieve and the more revenue your business can generate.

A simple way to calculate your conversion rate is by dividing your total site visitor by the number of visitors taking an action. This also looks like:

  • (Number of Visitors Completing Goals/Site Visitors) * 100 = Conversion Rate Percentage

If you have 10,000 visitors on your site during a month and 1000 of them sign up for your email list, schedule a service appointment, or take some other desired action, you would have a click-through rate of 10%. Your goal is to have as many site visitors as possible take action and work with your business.

What Are Click-Through Rates?

A click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of visitors who click on your site through an online advertisement. People will click on your site from an ad they found appealing or intriguing. The quality of your ad copy and the business you’re working with can contribute to your CTR. 

You can calculate your click-through rate with the following formula:

  • (Number of Ad Clicks / Number of Impressions) * 100 = CTR Percentage

Although getting a large amount of clicks from ads is good, your business should aim to shift site visitors into customers. For a pest control company, you want people to find your company’s landing page through your ads, then schedule a service appointment or book a consultation.

Key Differences Between Conversion Rates vs. Click-Through Rates

While conversion rates and click-through rates are very similar, they differ slightly. Click-through rates tell you what percentage of ad viewers are clicking on your website, while conversion rates share what percentage of site visitors are paying for your services or taking a valuable action.

Both rates are essential, and understanding yours can help change the way you structure your website, ad copy, call-to-action methods, and more. It can help you further explore what’s working for your website and marketing efforts and what isn’t.

Which Rate Should Your Business Measure?

Both rates are critical to measure for your pest control business. They can show the process that ad viewers, then site viewers, take to become paying customers. It may reflect where potential consumers are falling off during the funnel and where your company can improve.

Keeping track of both click-through and conversion rates is essential, but the one you should target more depends on your overall goals. If you’re looking for more site traffic, consider your CTR. If you aim to grow product or service sales, focus on conversion rates. 

Ways to Improve Your Click-Through Rates

Now that you know about conversion rate vs. click-through rate differences, you can improve your ratings for both. For your click-through rate, you can take the following measures to hopefully see a positive increase:

  • Create appealing and relevant ad copy with good keyword usage
  • Explain the advantages of your services and showcase testimonials
  • Optimize your website for more conversions

Benefits of Good CTRs

When you have a good CTR, you’ll have a more favorable quality score. This means your advertisements are going to rank higher and appear more often to your target audience. More people will see your ads, hopefully increasing visibility.

The more ad viewers click on your site, the higher chance you’ll have that they’ll become a customer. While not everyone that views your ad will buy a service or take action, a good CTR increases the likelihood. Using effective keywords, images, and more can help your CTR grow.

Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rates

Some methods for improving conversion rates include:

  • Retarget site visitors for future conversions
  • Include reviews or customer testimonials on your site
  • Offer live chat or support features

Understanding UX, UI, and conversion rates can help you focus on your business efforts and yield more success.

Benefits of Good Conversion Rates

Good conversion rates can show that your pest control business is achieving essential leads. Something you’re doing with your marketing efforts is working, whether it’s having a compelling ad copy, an attractive site, or both. You are also having a better return on investment with the money you’re putting in for marketing.

It makes obtaining customers for your business much easier. Continuing to improve your methods can help your company even more, allowing you to target more customers that find your services valuable. 

Does Your Pest Control Business Need Marketing Assistance?

We hope you now have a better understanding of a conversion rate vs. click-through rate and can use it to strengthen your pest control company’s customer growth. Our marketing business has a helpful PPC budget guide and can make growing your business less stressful with our personalized pest control marketing advice.

MarketingPests is ready to work with your pest control business, so schedule a lead-flow acceleration session with our dedicated marketing team.

Ready To Level Up Your Marketing?

There’s a lot you can do to position your pest control company well in the online world. Your competitors are going above and beyond to get found online, and you’d better do the same if you want to rise above.

It all comes down to understanding your customer. Once you know what they need, finding a way to draw them is easy. Build your marketing efforts around your ideal customer and you’ll see massive results.

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