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Consistency in Website Design: Why It Matters to Pest Contractors

If you own a pest control company, are you aware of how important consistency in website design is for turning interested customers into paying customers? Without a consistent design, customers can’t find where to book your services or they get annoyed and leave. MarketingPests provides comprehensive web design services for pest control companies so you can continue growing your customer base.

consistency in website design


Branding is one of the most powerful factors in obtaining customers and keeping them loyal. Establishing a clear connection between your URL, name, logo, and messaging demonstrates you care about even the minute details and avoids any confusion about your company’s mission and services.

Conversely, a lack of consistency in branding communicates to your customers that, since they can’t trust you to handle the small details, you probably can’t rid their home of pests.


Messaging is your company’s voice and public image when it communicates about its brand. Customers want to feel like they’re talking to a real person. Internal consistency in your brand’s voice and advertising allows customers to form a loyal relationship with your company and communicates you care for them as people.


When users visit your website, they expect a certain experience consistent with your brand and your competitor’s websites. Navigation might seem inconsequential, but a confusing or inconsistent website means potential customers will go someplace easier to book.

When it comes to navigation, it’s best to avoid what you think is trendy or hip. Put the navigation bar at the top of the website and make the buttons clear. You can add an innovative pop of style elsewhere on your site.

User Experience

Consistency in website design aids the user experience, which relies upon predictability and comfort. Visual consistency helps the user feel at home and easily navigate your website.

For example, if two buttons go to the same page on the website, but you decide to make one a triangle and one a circle, the difference is disconcerting and jars the user enough to stop the process of converting their views to booking an appointment.

By reducing distractions, delays, and confusing implications, a consistent website increases the likelihood that anyone visiting your website schedules a consultation.


When the pictures on your site are present with different styles, you might think it provides your customers with a feeling of whimsy or variety. However, the opposite is true.

If some of your pictures are realistic while others are abstract or cartoonish, it communicates the same message as inconsistent branding. If you can’t bother to find high-quality and coherent pictures, how can the customer trust you to effectively rid their home of pests?

Remember, predictability and comfort are key!


The purpose of every website is engagement; you’re convincing them to make a phone call, sign up for your email newsletter, or schedule a consultation. Even if the goal is to have them read another blog post, you’re aim is to sustain their engagement as long as possible.

Your visitors want to feel like they’re in control, and they want clear and predictable expectations about what happens whenever they click a button, link, or video. Whether it’s a scroll, a hover, or a click, every similar type of interaction should produce the same results so website visitors feel confident taking the same action the next time they encounter it.


Even the most disciplined and dedicated visitors have a limit on their focus and attention span. One way to streamline the ability for users to consume information is by using consistent headings and a clear typeface.

While a visitor will ideally read every word on your blog, that’s just not realistic. By having well-worded headers that communicate and summarize the topic, as well as clearly marking hyperlinks and calls to action, you can achieve the conversions and engagement you need without requiring your customers to read every word on the page.


If you’re not using A/B testing to determine what content performs best, start practicing this essential marketing method. When you look at two different sets of content, you shouldn’t have to determine if the differences in performance are due to the content or the layout and design.

Consistent website design eliminates confounding variables that make it more difficult to determine which content your users prefer and why. When you streamline this process, you get more engaging material in front of your audience faster and better results.


When you think of website visuals, rhythm probably isn’t the word that comes to mind. But have you ever inserted an image into a Microsoft Word document and all the text misaligns and you can’t find where the words went? It confuses your eyes and your brain.

That’s rhythm. It’s the ability of your reader to quickly move about the webpage, find the content they want, and interact with it. Making all your pictures the same dimensions and keeping your captions, summaries, and metadata roughly the same length helps the user engage with your site’s layout and quickly navigate from one piece of content to the next.

External Elements

External consistency refers to the expectations users bring to your website. Don’t assume your webpage is the first pest control site they visit. If they’re comparing prices or looking for the best company, you can assume they’ve spent considerable time on other pages.

The first site they visit establishes their expectations, for better or for worse. Even if your site is objectively better by conventional layout and content standards, if it’s drastically different from other pest control websites in your area, you risk them overlooking quality in favor of consistency.

Consider how your competitor’s websites look and model yours in a way that is externally consistent with theirs while maintaining your own branding and internal consistency.

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