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The Importance of a Mobile-Friendly Website Design for Pest Companies

It seems as if everybody’s using their smartphone 24/7, as mobile phones continue to transform how people talk and interact around the world. If you’re on a phone, a mobile-friendly website makes things far simpler compared to a clunky, frustrating interface that you click off before it even loads the flashy header graphics.

So, how does your pest control company’s site measure up? If you were trying to locate reputable local pest companies using your smart device, would you click off your company’s website and find another site that loads faster or makes the pages easier to see? You might want to consider some tips in web design by MarketingPests.

mobile-friendly website

A barebones website might attract potential customers to your company, but will it keep them long enough to offer them your pest control services? You need quality web design and competitive loading speeds. But you also need a responsive mobile web design that adapts your site’s content and layout to whatever device your potential customer might be using to access it.

Keep reading to see what the MarketingPests experts have to share about mobile-friendly sites for pest control companies so that you don’t miss out.

Site Accessibility Opens The Door A Little Wider

Users take smartphones with them to access the internet anywhere at any time. It’s never been easier to make your company’s website accessible to millions, including local homeowners who are interested in your pest control services but no longer own any form of desktop computer or laptop.

Creating a high-quality mobile site is a great idea if you want to reach as many potential customers as possible. Can users with computers and smartphones switch easily between the two platforms to access your site? If it’s a smooth transition, there’s a better chance of boosting your customer engagement as people start to explore your pest control services in more detail.

A Customer’s User Experience Needs to Be a Good One

Many people still struggle to use desktop websites on mobile phones. Smaller screens often don’t fit the larger resolutions well, hampering the user experience. If that’s your pest control company’s website, your customers probably won’t stay on it long enough to hire you as their contractor.

How could your new mobile-friendly website look? Imagine the following:

  • Touch-adapted buttons
  • Amazing download speeds
  • Easier navigation for smaller screens
  • Larger, clearer text and so much more

Why risk ruining your mobile customers’ user experience? Show you care, and make those design changes!

Adaptable Sites Improve Your Company’s Search Results

Did you know that it’s been nearly a decade since major search engines began prioritizing the most mobile-friendly websites for mobile phone users on their platforms? Mobile-friendly sites vastly outrank others on various platforms, including search engines and Android.

Is your pest control company’s website keeping up? If not, you’re effectively closing off contact between your business and a huge swath of the consumer market. As the pest control niche burgeons, can you afford to lose your place on potential customers’ search result rankings by refusing to give them the mobile-friendly site they want?

Great Design Is Cost-Effective

Some business owners delay designing a mobile-friendly site for money reasons. Is making a site more appealing to mobile clients worth the time and energy? The answer is a resounding yes! 

It’s a great choice, partially for increased market share potential, but also because alternatives are so much more expensive. For instance, developing a proprietary app for your pest control company doesn’t make financial sense in most cases. It might seem appealing to have an app that you can direct potential pest control customers to, but that’s an involved and costly exercise.

Unless your business operates at a regional or national scale, a mobile-friendly site is more than enough. After all, most mobile-friendly sites are largely indistinguishable from apps in terms of user experience.

Pest Control Customers Want People They Can Trust

Fostering and maintaining trust between you and your potential clients matters. Pest control is a challenging niche, and customers want to rest easy knowing they can reach you on their preferred platform. An up-to-date and mobile-friendly website also says a lot about what they can expect from your up-to-date pest control methods, equipment, and products.

Can you meet your customer’s needs for all things pest control? That’s the message a responsive site sends to potential customers. After seeing that you have a reliable, fast website, they’ll be much more likely to think highly of your pest control services and hire you.

How Do I Design a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Before deciding to create a mobile-friendly website for your pest control company, you should test your existing website. While other platforms offer their own testing options, Google’s Mobile Friendly Test is the easiest to use. If your website fails the mobile-friendly test, you’ll need to think about whether to remodel your existing website or craft an entirely new site. 

A modern, well-made website that uses a content management system isn’t too difficult to update. However, older websites using HTML or other simpler web design platforms may need rebuilding and redesign to catch up. Usually, companies interested in revamping their websites for mobile users adopt one of two approaches:

  • They develop a single page with a responsive website design. It can adapt and scale to desktop or mobile devices.
  • They create a separate mobile site that all mobile users automatically reach upon connecting to the website. 

Most pest control companies, as well as other industries, will benefit from using responsive design techniques, as they’re more efficient and easier to maintain. If you aren’t sure, MarketingPests can help your pest control service ace its online marketing potential, including amazing web design.

When creating a mobile-friendly website for your local pest control company, there’s no better choice than the MarketingPests team. We specialize in web design tips for pest control companies to help them attract the customers they want. Contact MarketingPests online or call us at 732-497-8463 today!

Ready To Level Up Your Marketing?

There’s a lot you can do to position your pest control company well in the online world. Your competitors are going above and beyond to get found online, and you’d better do the same if you want to rise above.

It all comes down to understanding your customer. Once you know what they need, finding a way to draw them is easy. Build your marketing efforts around your ideal customer and you’ll see massive results.

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