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How to Do Keyword Research for Your Pest Control Business

As much as many people fail to appreciate it, it is hard to overestimate how much we benefit from the services of quality pest control providers. Every year, the numbers show that people and institutions spend more than $20 billion on pest control in the United States. More than 146,000 people work in pest control around the country.

Like everyone else, leaders in the pest control business space have been noticing how the business landscape has been evolving in recent years. These days, it is more important than ever before that people know how to help their businesses rank higher on search engines.

In particular, many people are interested in how to do keyword research for a pest control business. By following the right principles, you will find the keywords that will help you raise your pest control business up the search engine rankings. Read on to learn about the most vital tips for doing the best keyword research!

Brainstorm Possible SEO Keywords

There are many parts of the process for finding the right keywords. However, there are certain parts of the process that you should do first before moving on to the others. For example, it is often helpful to go into the keyword research process with a list of possible words and topics to help guide you.

Depending on the business, the topics that might help you find good keywords will differ. For example, a knife sharpening business might look at keywords like knife sharpening, dull knives, how to sharpen knives, and so on.

Think through what some of the major topic words for your pest control business might be. You can also think about the most common kinds of infestation in your area.

Focus On One Thing at a Time

Another early part of the keyword research process is deciding what to focus on first. Some people make the mistake of trying to aim at every part of search engine optimization at the same time.

There are too many different parts of the sales funnel for you to focus on all of them at the same time. It will be easier, and you will have more success if you pick a specific part of the funnel and then dedicate your initial efforts to improving your SEO with regards to it. Think about the main parts of the sales funnel.

First, people become aware of your business. Then, they assess it. Finally, they decide between you and any other options on their radar.

At each of these three steps, you can adjust your marketing strategy to improve. If your problem is that people do not know about your business at all, then you will want to focus on general awareness.

If plenty of people find out about your business but do not investigate it, then you will want to focus on getting people to assess the merits of your offering.

If people are already assessing your company and then choosing one of your competitors, then you will want to focus on the final decision part of the sales funnel. Choosing to focus on one of these areas will help guide you during your keyword research process.

Use Tools for Finding Keywords

Whatever else you do, finding the right keywords for your situation will go much better if you review some of the available tools out there. In fact, the most difficult thing is to decide which tools to use rather than finding tools at all.

Once you look for them, you will find dozens of options for keyword research tools to help you improve your online rankings. The important thing is not so much which of these tools you end up using. The point is that familiarizing yourself with the available tools will help you zero in on which ones might be valuable for your process.

Consider using a search engine to find some keyword research tools. But once you find some, don’t just start investigating them in depth right away. That will take too long and distract you from the bigger picture.

First, start by briefly considering a wide variety of keyword research tools. Then, take note of any that seem especially promising to you. Once you have reviewed many options, you can go back to the ones that seem most promising.

This is an application of putting breadth before depth. If you put depth first, you decrease the chance that you will choose the right option to examine.

Get Creative Looking For Pest Control Keywords

Once you have found some of the tools that are right for you, you can start considering more unusual strategies as well. For example, many people are finding that it is more and more useful to go to Reddit for many kinds of Internet content.

Reddit is a website where people form communities. For almost any subject, you can find a community of people on Reddit discussing it and expressing their opinions.

In many cases, these communities collect a large source of invaluable knowledge. They talk about the products and services they like best while also warning people away from the ones they don’t like. This makes Reddit a gold mine for people trying to understand what different audiences are interested in right now.

Consider using your general search words to explore the search bar on Reddit. Then, review a few of the communities that seem relevant to your pest control business.

Once there, skim over some of the recent discussion topics. This will allow you to get a sense of what people are talking about and what kind of keywords might work for them.

This can be especially helpful because you can use keywords that other people have not found yet.

If you notice that a community of people relevant to a pest control business keep talking about a new problem, you can emphasize how you can solve that problem in your marketing strategy.

You can make sure to include keywords relevant to that problem in your materials. There are many ways to apply this knowledge to help you rank higher on search engines.

Integrate the Suggestions of the Experts

We have now talked about unusual techniques that can help you find great keywords that no one else is paying attention to. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it is often a good idea to incorporate some of the most popular words. By balancing a variety of strategies, you can find out which techniques work best for you.

When it comes to relying on the experts, one simple way to do so is to use the suggestions in the search bars for YouTube and Google. These search suggestions will auto complete your searches.

One thing to keep in mind is that the keywords in auto completed suggestions tend to be popular. Try typing some of you are overarching topic words into these search bars and see what kind of suggestions they give you.

Adjust to Seasonal Trends

Some keywords are consistently popular, but only at certain times of the year. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of these keywords as always popular. Instead, make a point of shifting between various keywords as the seasons of the year go by.

If you find that your website ranks higher at certain times of the year, then this may be a relevant factor. Look at the times of the year when your website is less popular and focus on improving them with your focused keyword research.

Follow Trends to Emphasize the Importance of SEO

Keep in mind that many words will become effective for SEO for only a short time. As news items become temporarily popular, using related keywords can help people find your content online. When a fad passes, you can always move on to emphasizing other keywords.

The end result is that tracking the news cycle can help you build up your search engine optimization. Get in the habit of skimming over the headlines from a variety of sources of news. Then, remember to ask yourself how various news items could be related to your pest control business.

As you start to get ideas, write them down. These ideas may be perfect for you to get short-term bumps to your SEO whenever you need them.

Enjoy the Best Keyword Research for Your Pest Control Business

With the right keyword research, it will be easier and easier for you to grow your pest control business. Although most people do not get a lot of enjoyment out of finding search engine keywords, doing so is an investment. In the long run, the most successful pest control businesses might be those that master search engine optimization.

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