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How to Choose a PPC Agency for Your Pest Control Company

If you’re looking to scale your pest company with a Pay Per Click ad campaign, don’t waste your time or money by doing it yourself. Keep reading to discover everything you should consider when it comes to deciding how to choose a PPC agency.

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how to choose a ppc agency

Have Partnerships

Good PPC agencies have certified partnerships with the platforms where you have a brand presence. Your marketing campaigns likely use one of the following common social media platforms or businesses:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Microsoft

Before you officially partner with a PPC business, look over which platforms they’re registered with as certified partners.

Understand Your Goals

Ad campaigns require goals to properly focus and gain conversions. Your PPC agency of choice should understand your business goals. If you don’t have them, they should help you establish quantifiable and achievable objectives.

You can tell a PPC agency understands your targets when they ask questions about metrics, including:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • First-page presence
  • Brand awareness

If the agency starts offering solutions before asking questions, it’s a red flag they won’t work to understand your specific goals and can’t provide the type of niche marketing you need.

Use Data

Paid media, like Google AdWords, are high-stakes marketing because trial and error becomes expensive. The best PPC agencies use a host of data and metrics to inform their decision and reduce costly mistakes.

You should notice the agency using the following key point indicators:

  • Keywords: How have your keywords performed in the past, and how do their price points compare with other keywords?
  • Industry: What works for your competitors, and how much are they spending for results?
  • Current campaigns: If you have a campaign running, the agency should examine the results and bring solutions to improve the strategy. If they can’t offer suggestions, they won’t have what it takes to help you scale your business.
  • Future campaigns: Capable PPC agencies can use the above measurements to provide a clear, data-backed plan for your future campaigns and show reasonable estimates for their results.

Have Industry Familiarity

PPC marketing basics require familiarity with your business. While a successful agency might have extensive knowledge about the real estate industry or restaurants, without intimate knowledge of the pest control industry, they can’t deliver the results your company needs.

You don’t need someone who only serves pest control businesses, but they need experience working with past companies in the industry. They’ll know your target audience, effective marketing strategies, and the specific terms and keywords customers search for.

At MarketingPests, we specialize in helping pest control companies take their business to the next level.

Think Big

When learning how to choose a PPC agency, make sure they use a big-picture approach. Paid marketing is just one piece of a wider puzzle, the context of which good agencies consider. They know the role your website plays in ranking your ads, as well as the keywords your target audience uses.

Provide Upfront Pricing

Because paid media is a complex, fluid entity that doesn’t work in a vacuum, it’s easy for PPC agencies to insert hidden costs. You should always know exactly what your marketing campaign costs before you sign an agreement. You should never pay more than that price without explicit upfront approval.

Which factors should reasonably affect the price of your marketing?

  • The biggest upfront cost is the time and labor your agency requires to analyze your existing methods. They’ll examine your data and goals to provide the best results. While essential, this process costs money.
  • Ad management costs include the time and talent required to devise ad copy, adjust the campaign based on performance, and place the ads on the platform.
  • Ad costs include payment for search ads and ad placement on social media. It’s the cost the agency pays to the platform to host the ad.

If the agency pitches you costs in addition to this, confirm you know why they’re charging you and how it will improve your results.

Practice Transparent Reporting

In addition to knowing how much you’ll pay, the agency should also provide information about how exactly they use the money. Think of it as a line item receipt. To determine if the agency practices transparent reporting, ask the following questions:

  • How will you communicate the results of my campaign?
  • How frequently do you update your clients about results?
  • Can I access the results independently and in live time?
  • What do you do in bad months when our ads don’t deliver results?

While it will likely take the agency a few months to gather adequate data, once they have an ample amount of information, they should update you at least once a month.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a local PPC agency. With emerging technology for video conferencing, document signing, and collaboration, you can achieve the same results with a virtual marketing agency as with a local one. However, if in-person meetings are important to you, hopefully, you can find a local agency that has experience in your industry and fits all the criteria of a world-class marketing team.

Good Reputation

One of the best ways to tell the quality of a PPC agency is by looking at its online reputation. Visit their website for reviews, but also look at third-party sites like Facebook, Google, and Yelp for unfiltered testimonies. Case studies of past customers are even more important than customer reviews, as they provide demonstrable evidence and metrics about the results the company yields.

Let MarketingPests Be Your PPC Agency

Now that you know how to choose a PPC agency for your pest control business, see how MarketingPests can meet all your needs. Whether you need to increase your conversion value in Google Ads or devise an entirely new campaign, we’ll help scale your business to new heights.

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