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9 Crucial Digital Marketing Rules Pest Companies Should Know

Pest control is an essential service that people are always going to need. Does your community know who to call when they find mice in their walls or ants in their garages? How can you ensure that your local pest control company is the first one that comes to mind?

If you own a pest control company, employing the right digital marketing strategies is a great start. It will sow the seeds early so that prospective clients will remember your brand when those pests start to appear from nowhere. Use some of the following marketing rules in your approach, and check out the difference!

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#1 Work Toward Specific Goals

Before you do anything else, refine your marketing goal. What do you want to achieve through your pest control company’s marketing efforts? Randomly trying new things won’t get you anywhere.

The answer is typically “more sales!” However, you might want to focus on expanding a customer base or increasing website engagement for greater reach. Whatever your aim, it is important to create a measurable goal, like collecting contact information from 50 new clients or getting 200 to 400 new website impressions in a month. 

There are countless strategies to help you achieve your goals. But a clear direction is helpful. It also makes it easier to track your progress and measure success when you have a specific goal in mind.

#2 Define Your Target Audience

Marketing to the world wastes precious time you could be spending on your ideal target audience instead. Although there’s a nationwide need for high-quality pest control, a local business can only shine when it serves its valued customers in the immediate vicinity. 

Does your marketing plan reflect the finer details of your local audience? Consider the following questions:

  • Do I want to work with homeowners or businesses?
  • What budgets can my services match?
  • Where are my ideal clients located?
  • What common pest control issues are my clients most likely to face?

You can also leverage location-specific keywords in your content, referencing the area’s unique features. It communicates that your service providers are part of the community, promoting trust in your ability to handle the pests and problems in the local environment.

#3 Respond to Customers Fast

Have you published any marketing recently? Study how people react to your messaging and offers. What do the metrics and feedback tell you about which material or platform is getting the most positive attention for your brand?

Are there niche services or topics your community might be particularly interested in? Capitalize on what works and devote more resources to these areas. One of the most important marketing rules is to always ask for feedback from your customers for a valuable outside perspective and tips on how to improve.

#4 Diversify Your Advertising

Southern New Hampshire University proposed that there are eight types of digital marketing. You might use one or all of these formats in your pest control company’s marketing efforts, but using diverse ads and marketing channels makes things easier.

Pest control is always in demand across many different demographics. Why not expand your reach by advertising? Consider the following:

  • Social media
  • Television spots
  • Radio advertising
  • Physical fliers
  • Online marketing campaigns and so on

Why not experiment with a variety of channels within your budget? You may be surprised by what’s most effective in reaching pest control customers in your area.

#5 Showcase Your Pest Control Success

If you want people to hire you, prove you can give them the solutions they need. Are you successful in your field? Publish testimonials and success stories on your website. 

Clients are more likely to trust people, not brands, so emphasize customer testimonials as much as possible. As you grow, you’ll receive more customer feedback and increase your credibility daily!

#6 Consider Cost vs. Reward

If you want stellar results, a free marketing route may not be enough. However, there are times when bigger does not mean better. A large-scale campaign isn’t always worthwhile because global advertising might result in more clicks, but it won’t help you locally. 

What reward is your pest control service most keen to receive from its marketing efforts? Why go big if targeted campaigns will bring you more value for money and time?

#7 Study the Competition

With plenty of pest control companies vying for a share, marketing rules are fairly universal. How do other pest control companies use these principles in their messages or advertising strategies? How could this inspire your unique take and location dynamics?

#8 Tell a Story

Storytelling is a great way to stand out and help your customers remember you. Do you have a story about a particularly bad infestation you resolved? The details will stick with them, making them feel more able to approach you for services when the time comes.

Always maintain a professional approach, but let your prospective clients know that you’re human. Have you dealt with some crazy pest control issues? People will be more likely to hire someone with a warm, personable message that helps them relate to the situation.

#9 Test Your Message

Have you found a messaging approach that works? Don’t stop refining it or settle for a “good enough” job. Test your content. Which blog articles, social media posts, graphics, or slogans continue to get the best responses? 

Refresh your approach to stay relevant, and watch your pest control business soar!

Marketing Assistance for Pest Companies 

Juggling these marketing rules can be exhausting while simultaneously running a top-notch pest control service. Why not get some help from the MarketingPests team and download our free e-book on pest control marketing? Feel free to check out our marketing strategies for a small pest control business as well.

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