Winning PPC Strategies For Pest Control Companies

Pest Control PPC & Paid Search

Get more high-intent visitors that turn into leads to your website each month with scalable ad strategies for Google & Bing Search.

The Right People
In The Right Area

By targeting the right keywords in the right area, we make sure your ad is shown prominently to those looking for pest control and exterminator services in the markets you service.

By being specific in our keyword selection, we filter out those people looking for DIY help and products, and make sure we attract people looking for service providers like you.

Well-Crafted Ads With High-Value Offers

Because Google paid search is so effective, it’s the top choice of many pest control companies and exterminators. Their ads will undoubtedly be shown beside yours; Google shows up to four competing ads at the top of the page for any given user search.

It’s important that we stand out from the pack. This is why we take great care in crafting ads that not only grab the readers attention, but also convey your unique selling proposition and any high-value offers you may have for new clientele.

Display Ads & Retargeting

Banner ads on Google’s display network are a great companion to search ads & local seo to leverage the most we can out of your local market. Through these ads we build awareness of your company in your market, and keep your company top-of-mind.

Display ads are also a great way to leverage website visitors who did not convert (become a lead), by reatrgeting them specifically. These users have a much higher likelihood of converting to actual leads once they return for a second or third visit.

Optimized Landing Page Experience

So we’ve got all this great traffic coming to your website. Because our keyword-selection and geographic targeting is tight, we know they are relevant searchers, in need of your services. The worst thing that can happen now, is that they come to a landing page that is confusing and cluttered, doesn’t continue to build value, loads slow, and doesn’t lead them to take the action we need them to take (form fills or phone calls).

We build campaign-specific landing pages on a high-performance platform, that are designed for a frictionless user-experience so we can be sure that we’re getting the most out of this traffic.

Conversion Tracking & Optimization

A well-built ppc campaign is just the beginning. Whether it’s search, display, or video, any campaign needs to be closely monitored and optimized for performance as time goes on in order to maintain a profitable return.

By making sure we’re properly tracking all conversion points (form fills and phone calls) and reporting them back properly to the ads platform, we will know down to a very granular level, which elements of your campaign need to be addressed in order to continuously improve our KPIs and meet our goals.

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